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Guide: Download redtube videos free!

This guide will show you the basic steps how to free download videos from redtube and save them into AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, Zune, iPod/iPhone, MOV, ASF, MOD, QT (QuickTime), or VOB format.


Step 1 - Download RedTube Grabber

Click here to download RedTube Grabber, double click "redtube-grabber.exe" file to install it.

Step 2 - Launch this tool to download redtube video

Double click the "RedTube Grabber " icon from desktop to run it.

Launch this tool to download redtube video

Step 3 - Create new download task (you have three way)

<a> Click "Video" button to choose the newest video for downloading.

Create new download task
Create new download task

<b> Click "Category" button to choose the category for downloading redtube video.

Create new download task
Create new download task

<c> Copy the redtube video URL you would like to download then paste it into "Video URL" field.

Create new download task

Step 4 - Start downloading.

The new task will be added into the task list and the download will be started automatically. You can manage the task from the task list after you create the task, such as "Stop downloading", "Download selected" or "Remove high-lighted " a task. When the progress reachs 100%, the task of download has been finished.

Start downloading

Step 5 - Get the downloaded video file.

After the file successfully downloaded, you may click the " Folder" button to browse the output files.

Get the downloaded video file

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